It’s not over even when it’s over

I continually wonder why we have trials in this country, when every one of them of any consequence gets appealed. Appeals are supposed to be only possible where there were "errors" of law or procedure in the original trial, not of facts. If there really are so many errors than we must need to provide better training for judges. Anyway Starbucks, which has just lost a class action suit over shortchanging workers on tips, is appealing. There justification is that they want to protect the supervisors who shared in the tips. Starbucks to Appeal Tip-Sharing Ruling
"The ruling would take away the right of shift supervisors to receive the tips they earn for providing superior customer service," said Chief Executive Howard Schultz, in a voicemail message to employees Wednesday night. "I want you to know that we strongly believe that this ruling is extremely unfair and beyond reason." ... "We would never condone any type of behavior that would lead anyone to conclude that we would take money from our people," he said. Schultz vowed that the company would appeal the ruling and defend itself against two similar lawsuits filed this week in Minnesota and Massachusetts. In a separate statement Thursday, Starbucks said there is no money to be "refunded or returned from Starbucks."
Since the suit was over how the tips were distributed, I'm not sure why Starbucks cares. I assume that they would be required to make up for the money that was given to the supervisors, since it would be impossible to collect it otherwise. When Walmart loses its own class action suit, one has to wonder how many years will go by before any of the women ever see any money.

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