“[M]aybe they are always selling rotten meat.”

Here's an e-mail sent to the Consumerist:
So the brand name is "Genuine Steakhouse," therefore they are Genuine Steakhouse Steaks. This does not mean anything. They are not "genuine" anything, nor are they coming from a "steakhouse," except for, I guess the slaughterhouse, which is a house where steaks come from. The next sentence, "100% freshness guaranteed or your money back" is also pretty lean on meaning. One would hope that spoiled, past-due meat would not be sold in the first place and I think it's safe to say that, should that meat accidentally get sold, it would certainly be accepted for a refund. Then again, I don't know much about Wal-Mart, so maybe they are always selling rotten meat and not giving you money back for it. Who's to say.
Actually, they are always selling rotten meat (at least in the sense that it can in no stretch of the imagination accurately be described as fresh), but longtime readers already knew that.

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