Hip Retailing

Target is trying to maintain its hip image by opening four stores in NYC for only four days after fashion week. Target to Open Designer-Focused Stores in New York
“New York is the place you go to get noticed,” said Kathee Tesija, Target’s executive vice president for merchandising. Target is calling these temporary stores bodegas to convey an egalitarian and very New York shopping experience, said Ms. Tesija.
Of course on the bottom line Walmart is still doing better. To rephrase an old saw "never underestimate the poverty of the American public". But then there is this as well:
“What’s unique about Target within the American retailing landscape is they still have immense opportunity to grow,” said Mr. Dreher, adding that the retailer could easily double, even triple, the number of its stores, particularly in areas like New York and New England.
Wall Street loves growth, not earnings. The Waltons love earnings and are struggling to increase growth. Both strategies may work, but not in the same places or at the same time.

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