I can just see the grandparents standing there in the Wal Mart parking lot gazing at the Steel Exhibit with their little grandson. "See Johnny, that's what grandpa used to do. He was a brawny, blue-collared union steel worker who gave an honest day's work for honest pay." "Gee, grandpa. Can I be a brawny, blue-collared union steel worker too when I grow up?" "No. I'm sorry, Johnny. We don't make steel in Cleveland any more. But thanks to Mayor Jane Campbell, you'll be able to sell cheap plastic crap as a Wal Mart associate when you turn 16." "That doesn't sound very brawny to me, grandpa." "I know, Johnny. I know." So, it must be yet another slow news day for the Plain Dealer (with that second story gathering dust and all), for our paper of record to give space to a story about a 600 square foot Steel Exhibit as part of the plan for Steelyard Commons. Envision it folks: a whole 600 square feet, that's 20 feet by 30 feet. Most people have a garage bigger than that. Or to put it differently, the 126 acres of Steelyard Commons is equal to 5.5 million square feet. That means that the Steel Exhibit will comprise 0.011 percent of the project. Won't all the out-of-work steel workers be proud? Maybe not.

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