Nice Summary of Pending Labor Legislation

The Nation magazine has a feature article this week reviewing the history of the decline of organized labor and the current battle between big business and labor over card check and other reforms. Our buddy Walmart features often as one of the prime villains in the story. Apparently they are flying whole brigades of arm twisters into DC to try to intimidate Dems into not voting for the bill. Can Labor Revive the American Dream?
If the rhetoric doesn't work, the business lobby is ready to threaten retaliation. "They'll promise to dump money to oppose supporters of the bill in the next election," says Mary Beth Maxwell, director of the pro-union American Rights at Work. The Chamber of Commerce has been aggressively educating its local chapters so that business leaders can buttonhole senators in their home districts. When Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat who counts Wal-Mart among her top donors, met with the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce in late November, she tried to talk about healthcare and the economy, but the businessmen in the room hammered her on Employee Free Choice. A Rove disciple, former US Attorney Tim Griffin, publicly mulled over a run against her if she repeats her 2007 yes vote. Weeks later, the senator hedged her bets, saying the reform is perhaps "not necessary." "We have the most ideological business community in the world," says economist Larry Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, "and they enforce it."

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  1. Very Nice article, digg it!

  2. UncleBob says:

    I heard something on the evil, right wing talk radio today that concerned me even more than the idea of losing the secret ballot…

    This crazy talk show host was saying that this pending bill would remove the ability for unionized workforces to vote on contracts after they have been negotiated between the Union Leaders and the Employer. Is there *any* truth to this? If not, any idea what this crazy, right wing talk show host was mischaracterizing in the bill to try and scare us all away?

  3. UB:
    When the truth hurts your propagandizing then just make things up. It seems to be a popular technique.

  4. UncleBob says:

    So, you’re saying this claim has absolutly no basis in reality?
    The idea that this bill removes the “secret ballot” is, of course debatable. I understand that secret ballots will still be a part of the process in places where 30%-50% of employees sign a card, but the voting process is entierly eliminated in a situation where 50%+1 signs, thus making the representation cards a kind of ballot in and of themselves – and since who signs cards is no secret, it does, in a way, remove the secret ballot.

    However, I’m not familiar enough with the bill, and thus, I came to y’all for help in determining the claim made by this talk show host. I was listening on my delivery route, so I didn’t get to hear his explanation. Is there anything in this bill that would resemble removing the ability for the workers to vote on a contract – at all? Or just crazy right-wing radio talk?

  5. Tim “Cagey “Griffin run against Lincoln? The BBC did some fine reportage on Griffin and voter caging a few years back,entitled:

    Bush’s New US Attorney a Criminal?
    BBC Television had exposed 2004 voter attack scheme by appointee Griffin, a Rove aide.
    Black soldiers and the homeless targeted.

  6. Playing Dirty – The Atlantic (June 2004) The research that will help settle that question—what Tim Griffin might call ” bullets”—is already being conducted and passed around. … – 50k

    US Attorney Resigns Following Conyers’ Request for … Jun 1, 2007 … Tim Griffin, formerly right hand man to Karl Rove, resigned Thursday as US Attorney for Arkansas hours after BBC Television ‘Newsnight’ …’-request-for-bbc-documents/ – 37k – Cached – Similar pages –

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