A new business for Walmart?

The Diebold company supplies electronic voting machines and has been the subject of many investigations as to whether they are tamper proof or were even set to favor Republican candidates in some cases. Part of their pitch to states seems to be that they have a large presence in the state so that they can properly service the machines. So this story makes for interesting reading: Diebold 'offices' listed in yellow pages are mostly Wal-Marts
company representative told the decision-makers in 2006 that Diebold “has about 20 offices in Utah.” When pressed further, the representative refused to give the locations of any of the offices. In fact, the White Pages lists 18 Diebold offices. However, when calls were made to all of these offices, only one picked up the phone. And when the addresses of offices listed under Diebold in the White Pages were visited, the addresses turned out to belong to either a Wal-Mart, a Sam's Club, or no building at all. In the end, 16 of the 18 Diebold offices in Utah listed in the White Pages were false listings.
Now it is possible that the staff at Diebold just picked Walmarts because they have lots of locations and so it is easy to select an address near where you want to claim you have an office. On the other hand both Diebold and Walmart have strong ideological ties to the Republican party. One would also imagine that Walmart would object if they knew they were being used to perpetrate a false claim, unless they were willing partners. Since there are ongoing investigations we may find out more eventually.

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