See Jane Run (Run! Jane! Run!)

And by that, I mean run away from any responsibility for her recent actions. Would you like to give her your opinion? She'll be in West Park this week doing "City Hall in the Neighborhood" at Our Lady of Angels Church's Linus Hall on Thursday (3644 Rocky River Drive, just north of Kamm's Corners). From 4:00-7:00 p.m. you can... [emphasis added is mine]
Apply for a building permit, sign up for job training, pay water or CPP bills, pre-register your child for kindergarten, review development plans for your neighborhood, purchase a bike license, get a special event permit, pick up literature, file a complaint, receive free health screenings, apply for a smoke detector, report a pothole, request a new birth certificate, request trimming for tree-lawn trees. Checks or Money Orders Only. For more info, call 216-664-2900
The Mayor's "State of the Neighborhood" address is from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., also at OLA's Linus Hall. Check out the Kamm's Corner's Development Corporation calendar here. I'm already formulating a list of questions to ask...start thinking of your own and we'll make a list on Wednesday.

One Response to “See Jane Run (Run! Jane! Run!)”

  1. Ummm, why is Campbell giving the “State of the Neighborhood” address in Kamm’s Corners? She doesn’t even have the nerve to live in Cleveland. She lives in Shaker Heights, fer cryin’ out loud!

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