And Yet Again

For quite awhile now I've been saying that the Walton family's aim is to boost their income at the expense of everyone else: workers, suppliers, local governments, and, yes, even customers. So, while everyone else is feeling the pinch they give themselves another of their annual raises. Wal-Mart raises annual dividend 15%
Walmart said Thursday it is increasing its annual dividend to $1.09 a share, a 15% increase from the 95 cents a share paid during fiscal year 2009.
Tell me Walmart employees did you get a 15% wage increase this year? How about you customers, did Walmart cut their prices 15%? The Waltons own 1,680,506,739 shares multiplied by $0.14 in increased dividends gives them an annual raise of $235,270,943. In addition the individual Walton members own between 2 and 4 million shares personally. Imagine what could have been done with that quarter of a billion dollars instead of giving it to a family already worth in excess of $100 billion. The American people certainly are a patient lot, they are being thrown out of their homes, loosing their health care and still don't take to the streets.

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  1. UncleBob says:

    If you were one of the few major companies that’s showing regular increases right now, you’d want to thank your shareholders as well.

    If the American people are too (fat,. stupid, laazy) to take to the streets over Washington’s huge bail out packages (directly funded by all tax payers, willingly or not), what makes you think they’d storm the streets over a private company (not receiving bail out funds, of course) giving their top execs less than a percentage of the money Washington is handing out like candy?

    What could have been done with a quarter of a billion dollars?
    What could have been done with the combined funds given to the big three automakers?

  2. […] Stewart turned his comedic sense on the financial flacks at CNBC and nailed the lot to the wall. Robert’s analysis of the real meaning of the Walmart’s 15 percent dividend is also dead on. Unlike this from […]

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