But I thought everybody liked working at Walmart…

It appears that noted silly person Jim Cramer has been spouting off about Walmart and the Employee Free Choice Act lately:
"Right now, in Congress - they’re getting ready for what is essentially a referendum on Wal-Mart," Cramer said. "And the referendum’s name is the Employee Free Choice Act, also known by slang as card check - a bill that will make it much easier for workers to form unions and much harder for employers to get in their way." The "Mad Money" host explained just how large of a role Wal-Mart plays in the economy, specifically the American workforce, as unemployment is approaching double-digits... "For Wal-Mart, which has 1.4 million in employees in the United States - 1.4 million, a company that is loathed by most Bolsheviks, by the Democrats - hey it’s my own party, you’d think I’d be getting the name right by now. It is loathed by the unions, Wal-Mart - like no other company. The stakes of this legislation couldn’t be higher." "This stuff - it’s got Wall Street very worried," Cramer said. "I don’t think the big boys will stop being concerned until card check either fails or is filibustered to death."
Notice how he assumes, or perhaps it's that traders assume that when EFCA passes Walmart workers will all vote for the union. Whatever happened to the notion that workers were happy toiling in Mr. Sam's salt mines? Or to put it another way: If Walmart workers don't need a union, why is Jim Cramer so afraid?

6 Responses to “But I thought everybody liked working at Walmart…”

  1. It’s human nature to want more. Perhaps otherwise content employees would be lured by these promises. Perhaps they will be pressured into it by union supporters. Who can say?

  2. UncleBob says:

    I’m just sad for those of us who work at stores likely to organize (if push comes to shove) and don’t want/need a union. I’m sure, in the end, we’ll end up getting screwed.

  3. uniongal says:

    interesting, you have 2 anti-union comments on a brilliant post. If you don’t need or want a union, why would you sign a card?

    And as for the ridiculousness espoused with “pressured” by co-workers who are union supporters, well, duh. If they want a union because they think it will create a better work environment, provide some stability and better yet, ensure that everyone gets a fair shake, than what kind of pressure are we talking about here? The pressure you get now to remain anti-union is a hell of a lot more pressure than any union organization would ever bring to bear.

    Oh hey, one more thought, Employee Free Choice has a lot more to do with women than it does Wal-Mart. Unionized women make the same as their male counterparts, because of a contract. In the job market today, women outside of unionized jobs make 73% what men do in similar jobs.

  4. Indeed, uniongal, isn’t it interesting that our local trolls are invariably male while the majority of Walmart’s workforce isn’t?

  5. UncleBob says:

    I would hardly call a post that calls out Jim Cramer brilliant. I think anyone who saw the Daily Show fiasco is aware that Mr. Cramer is a hack.

    >”If you don’t need or want a union, why would you sign a card?”
    Trust me, I have no intentions to.

    >”Unionized women make the same as their male counterparts, because of a contract.”
    Women just want to be treated equally! And they want special laws written to ensure that they are! (Oh, and they want twice as much restroom space as well!)

  6. I’m sure, in the end, we’ll end up getting screwed.


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