Blanche Lincoln kowtows to her corprate masters.

You've probably read by now that Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Walmart) is going to vote against the Employee Free Choice Act, but did you notice her supposed reasoning?:
"It is one of those issues that creates great division, as well as distraction, at a time when we need all hands on deck," Lincoln said. "We have got to have our eyes focused on what we are doing, and I believe that now more than ever before, in terms of this economy and turning our country around."
Way to discuss the merits of the legislation, Blanche. Here's more:
"We don't move at breakneck speed in Washington, and when you have something that is that divisive and that distracting with the little time that we have to do health care reform and energy reform and to start tax reform in the fall, we're going to be doing a tremendous amount of work," she said. "And to stop and do something like that would completely eliminate our ability to focus and spend the kind of time that we need, so I think it's time to move on."
Good thing we're not in the middle of an economic crisis or something...oh wait, we are. And what happens when her corporate masters throw a hissy fit about health care or energy reform too? She still gets to be Senator so why should she care?

3 Responses to “Blanche Lincoln kowtows to her corprate masters.”

  1. ryan says:

    does this mean the energy and healthcare is coming soon?

  2. I’m writing her a letter to applaud her courage.

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