I like Chicago, a lot. I spent a very happy year there back in the mid-'70s. Chicago is a scrappy city, and that's one reason why the lone Walmart in the city is a bit like one of those British military outposts miles from nowhere under the hot Indian sun. And Mayor Richard Daley says it's going to stay that way. From The Associated Press:
Mayor Richard Daley contends there is no chance the latest effort to have a Wal-Mart built on Chicago's South Side will succeed. Daley said Thursday that even though the store would generate tax revenue and create jobs for neighborhood residents, there aren't enough votes in the City Council to pass the required redevelopment agreement.
To keep growing (and generating those stock dividends) Walmart needs to crack the urban market. Chicago and Cleveland were two of the first bridgeheads. Cleveland is stalled because the retail market sucks. But the company had hopes for Chicago. But some hopes deserve to die. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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