The Meat at Wal-Mart (again)

Wal-Mart and SAM'S CLUB locations within the U.S. only purchase fresh beef products from USDA federally inspected and approved plants within the U.S. Food safety is a top priority of ours and we expect our suppliers to be in full compliance with USDA regulations so that we are offering our customers safe, quality products. - Wal-Mart (at
You must understand the responsibility you accept when you stop the company's production processes by stopping the line. If a product that is going into the food supply has been directly contaminated and you can justify the production loss that will prevent its entrance into the food supply then you will be supported because that is in the scope of your work...Stopping the line to have the floor washed is not justifiable, it is not direct contamination to product, and it is a problem of intraoperational sanitation and offline CSI should be called to deal with that important problem. Stopping the line to have the viscera table washed and treated with 180 degree water is justifiable if there is gross contamination on the product contact surface. Continuing to stop production so that the floor in that same area can be washed is unjustifiable and cannot be supported... Stopping production for "possible" cross contamination from split saws and trachea removal is unjustifiable unless you can verify that there is direct product contamination. Verification is OBSERVATION of gross contamination not SUSPECTED contamination. This is the only criteria for justifying halting production. - USDA Instructions to Meat Inspectors in Kansas (via Public Citizen)

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