Sounds like Walmart, but it’s not.

Target Anti-Union Training from Edwin Feulner on Vimeo.

10 Responses to “Sounds like Walmart, but it’s not.”

  1. Sounds like Target to me.

  2. UncleBob says:

    I do have to admit, I like the idea of not having to cover half the sales floor by myself. 😉

  3. George Orwell where are you?

    They’re not employees – they’re “team members”.

    They’re not customers – they’re “guests”.

    Last I checked the rules of hospitality didn’t expect you to charge your guests for their visit.

    Then there is the contradictory logic. Target needs to avoid unions so that they can compete with the unionized grocery stores. If unions are so harmful to the business why doesn’t Target already have a big advantage?

    On the other hand there is a good lesson in the use of the conditional tense: unions may require…,
    you might have to…

    Then there is the claim that workers will be prevented from offering suggestions or talking to their superiors without the union intervening. The unionized Toyota firm has a motto of “continuous improvement”. They recently stated that employee suggestions had saved millions in production costs.

    Whether a firm wants to have a good relationship with its workers is up to them, not the union.

    Finally, if there has never been a successful unionization effort at Target why do they come across as so panicked? And why do they use actors instead of actual employees to make the film?

    I’ll bet the actors belong to one of the entertainment trade unions, however.

  4. UncleBob says:

    Hotels refer to customers (who pay) as “guests” all the time. It’s not unusual.

    And Toyota is Unionized?

  5. In response to this, I have (again) sent my senators a note thanking them for opposing this awful legislation.

  6. Well Bob, the idea of being a “guest” at a hotel is only a slight stretch, since the hotel is acting in the place of a real visit to someone you know, but a “guest” at Target or Walmart, I think not.

    As for Toyota, you do know it is a Japanese company?

    Toyota workers are represented by the Vehicles Builders Union and Electrical Trades Union, the UAW, the Kanto Regional Council of the Japan All Shipbuilding and Engineering Union, Japan Auto-Workers’ Network (JAWN), APWSL, Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers’ Unions (JAW), ASAHI, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association, Amicus manufacturing union, and the Federation of All Toyota Workers’ Unions. Approximately 88% of Toyota’s regular employees in Japan are members of the Federation of All Toyota Workers’ Unions.

    Apparently they can make cars and profits with Unionized workers in Japan. It’s just that the right to work laws in the US south allowed them to stiff American workers. These workers are starting to realize their mistake as Toyota (US) is putting the screws on benefits.

    See, even when they weren’t unionized, the big three set the pace and the foreign auto makers tended to stay not too far away from the pay figures that they had established. Now that the UAW is a basket case these automakers can start to take advantage of their US workers.

  7. UncleBob says:

    People don’t visit Target or Walmart? Do they move in?

    Also, video is no longer there… ?

  8. Edwin Feulner says:

    please download and spread this video, as there has been much effort at removal by Target Corp.
    upload to any and all available servers!!
    here is a link. I am attempting to upload it to MegaVideo which has been giving me trouble as well as others. I don’t have much time.
    Here is a link to the native file. unsure how much longer it will be up. try to upload it anywhere you can. thanks very much!

  9. edwin feulner says: updated link to this video

  10. Schaden Freude says:

    Since Rob Walton is on the Board of Directors for Hyatt Hotels,spending the night with WalMart isn’t a stretch.

    And speaking of strange bedfellows, the Hyatt chain is owned by the uber-wealthy Pritzker family of Chicago…Obama even nominated Penny Pritzker for Cabinet post.

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