The best of Robert Feinman, Part I.

No matter whether you agreed with Robert or not, nobody could possibly disagree with the fact that the guy was consistent. He had worked hard at developing his worldview, written it up in great detail on his own website and it came out quite frequently here at the Writing on the Wal. Robert was always the most likely of all of us to post here and never use the word Walmart. Of course, Walmart is in large measure a symbol for something much bigger (otherwise we wouldn't blog about it) so this never bothered me. Indeed, Robert had an extraordinary gift for presenting the big picture I've been using our wonderful search function to find some of Robert's best posts, at least the one in which Robert was at his most Robert-like. Consider this, from September 29th of last year:
The goal of capitalism is to get to as close to a monopoly position as can be achieved. In the US system, the government assists in this, rather than trying to control the concentration of power. The result is always the same: big firms are less efficient, innovate less, stifle competition, wield too much political power and cost consumers money. What is different this time is that the world is now “globalized” and firms elsewhere are playing by a different set of rules. The innovative firms are now in Asia and within a decade or so will be dominating the sectors the the US government has been trying to protect – finance, intellectual property and knowledge-based industries, and bulk agriculture. One would have thought that this lesson would have been learned after the invasion of the Japanese auto makers, but apparently not. After the dust settles, the wealthy will still be in control, the middle class will still be wage slaves and the nation will be even more uncompetitive in world markets.
To me, this a reminder that big government can be used for evil as well, it all depends upon who controls it: the elite or the masses. This caution seems particularly appropriate these days as competing factions of the Democratic Party battle for what amounts to President Obama's soul. I'm going to look for more Feinman gems over the next few days. If you remember one in particular that's worth its own post, please find it through our search box and leave the URL in the comments.

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