Walmart’s cheap organic window dressing.

There's another part of Ellen Ruppel Shell's Cheap that I've been meaning to get write up here and it's on one of my old favorite subjects of organic food (153-54):
"Discounters generally offer less variety in any given category than do traditional stores. In one study of organic food, Wal-Mart, currently a leading seller (by volume) of organics, had by far the lowest prices, but selection was so limited that a comparison with other stores was almost impossible. The study authors concluded, "For all the hoopla, Wal-Mart is truly stocking only a very small number of organic SKUs. But they are they are some of the highest-volume products in the industry, so they will have quite an impact." While Wal-Mart was selling an enormous volume of low-priced organics, the bulk of it came in the form of one product, milk, some of which was organic in name only."
So while fewer Walmart customers might have daughters entering puberty earlier, they still get to ingest lots of other fake ingredients and poisons in the rest of what they eat. Want to see what a real organic grocery looks like? Whole Foods has a list of ingredients that are absolutely unacceptable for anything its store, organic or not. That still blows me away whenever I remember that, and it explains why the only food product that Whole Foods has in common with most grocery stores is Cheerios. Eat a little less meat and you still benefit from your change of diet. Go a little organic? Not so much.

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