The Walmart greenwashing smoking gun.

Walmart Chair Rob Walton, quoted at the Huffington Post:
"From a marketing standpoint, we didn't engage in sustainability with [marketing] in mind. It has become part of our communications but is often done by people outside the company. We want to make a difference but in a profitable way. It has resonated with our folks and been very rewarding. We've done good and saved tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in the process." [Emphasis added]
In other words, here's Walmart's priorities: 1. Profit. 2. Sustainability.* If sustainability, were number one then perhaps they would make more of a difference, but apparently the Waltons don't have enough money so the planet's gotta suffer as a result. Explain to me again why Walmart gets all that good press. * Actually, there could be several hundred other priorities before sustainability comes around. What matters here is the order.

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