Sound familiar?

More interesting stuff via the Wake-Up Walmart Facebook page. From Chicagoist:
Rosetta and Linda have been with Wal-Mart for years, earning pay raises and taking on challenging new experiences within their stores. But not all of Wal-Mart’s employees have that opportunity. That’s because, according to Linda and Rosetta, the stores will “clean house” with a round of terminations. Sometimes the firings appear to be a business decision, as in the case of the in-store product demonstrators. In other cases, Wal-Mart managers will begin an internal process to terminate an employee, based on productivity or scores on an annual performance review. Linda told me about a stocker in the frozen foods department that had been fired over productivity. “Now, to do freezer-cooler, that’s a pretty hard job, that’s three pallets of frozen food a night.” The job requires employees to work in commercial-grade freezers, unloading and organizing inventory. The store’s assistant manager accused the stocker of not being productive. “He was coached over it, he was accused of having no productivity. And he was fired,” Linda tells me. Why do you think he was fired? "I think he [the manager that fired the stocker] was convinced to do that by the assistant manager."
Which reminds me: I keep meaning to start a Facebook Friday feature around here, but I never remember on a Friday and I'm too busy today to go trolling for funny comments. Perhaps I'll write it ahead of time for next week, the way Jeff does with "Sunday Morning With Robert Feinman."

2 Responses to “Sound familiar?”

  1. raybury says:

    Employer finds employee lacking. Employer gives employee ample warning through a traceable process. Employer, still finding employee lacking, fires employee.

    The horror!

    Oh, wait, this is exactly what we should do in our schools.

    In other news, dog bites man.

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