Is life for Walmart workers about to get a lot worse?

Remember computerized scheduling? Of course you do, as most of you have to live with its implications every day. Now that it's fully implemented I hear it's already destroyed morale (at least in the Pueblo area). Here's another Walmart tech story: Some guy at Fortune thinks Walmart has just signed on to implement a new online collaboration tool. Here's what it supposedly does:
SuccessFactors CEO Lars Dalgaard is quick to distinguish what his company and its new acquisition mean when they say “social.” “What it is,” he says, “Is a set of tools to get stuff done, to share resources and intelligence within your company – almost automatically. It’s the sort of things we do with some difficulty today, via enormous email threads and often by chance.” What it isn’t? “A stream of status updates,” Dalgaard says, “And online chats.”
Automatic sharing? Sounds like Big Brother to me. Seriously, at least on Facebook you can change the privacy settings (assuming you bother to look at them). I guarantee you that you won't be able to while working at Walmart. I'm guessing if everything at Walmart goes online, they're doing it so that they can work you a lot harder. Seriously, anybody got an inkling of exactly what this does yet? If you know, tell us about it. [Maybe this can be another one of those 85 comment threads that last five years.]

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